Weekday Shows on Jacaranda FM


Presented by Rian van Heerden, Dianne Broodryk and JP Keyter and Thabiso Khambule.

What's for breakfast?


The Complimentary Breakfast is served up by Rian van Heerden weekdays between 6 and 9am exclusive to Jacaranda FM. This is no straight forward 2 eggs on toast kind of meal – always delivering something you’ve NEVER heard before, this is the one meal you do not want to miss!



Kid Quiz: Monday to Friday, 06:45 - 3 Questions compiled by kids from different schools around our region. These questions can be anything from something that they learned in school to something that they read or Googled. It may even be toy/game/music related. Listeners phone in and try to answer all three questions in order to win a cash prize.


Greed: Depending on your confidence and greed factor, you may choose between 1, 3 and 5 seconds of a song to be played back to you. This will determine your winnings because 5 second equals R100, 3 seconds R1000 and if you are really greedy 1 second guarantees you R10 000 in cash.


5 Calls Says It All – A survey styled opportunity for listeners to call in with their opinions at 07:40. We ask the question for example “Is it ok for South African’s to support rugby teams from abroad instead of local unions?” The first 5 Calls will decide it all.

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